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Top 5 Books of 2015

Wrap Up/ Update!

Hey guys! It has been quite some time since I wrote a Wrap Up. However, after this long over due post, I will strive to have monthly wrap ups for you all! :) Now for a update on what I have been reading since my reading slump started back a couple months ago:

Since my slump, I have read a total of five books. The first book I read was A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. The premise of this novel is difficult to explain because of the set up of the novel. It is told through the point of view of a novelist named Ruth, who finds a journal written by a young teen named Nao, as well as from Nao's perspective. It goes through all of the struggles the young teen and novelist face. This was a tough book to get through for me personally and I would have stopped reading it if I could have. However, I had to read it for one of my classes. I gave this book two out of five stars (2/5). I was not crazy about the characters and the plot was slow as well as confusing. It just did not work for…

A New Year & A Hopeful New Beginning

You all must have noticed the lack of new posts and reviews. Sadly, towards the end of the summer I fell into a huge reading slump and I lost my passion for reading book after book. Starting my college career also did not help me as a book blogger or reader in a reading slump. However, I hope this new year can lead to the end of my slump and a renewed passion for books. I will be posting a wrap up/update on what I've read since my slump started as well as the books I'm currently reading.

I wish you all a wonderful and amazing year! I can't wait to start posting reviews, TBR, and wrap up posts once again! 
Thanks for reading!   -Ashley <3
P.s. Happy New Year! (Even if its eleven days late :p)