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The Queen of Sparta by T. S. Chaudhry

"Xerxes, the Great King of Persia, invades Greece in 480 B.C. at the head of a massive army. Three hundred Spartans and King Leonidas die heroically blocking the Persian advance at the pass of Thermopylae.
The Persians are poised to conquer all of Greece. The only one standing in their way is a woman – Gorgo, Queen of Sparta. Though history has relegated her role to that of a bystander, what if she played a central role in the Greek resistance to the Persian invasion. What if she kept her true role a secret in order to play it more effectively? What if she was hiding other secrets too – dark secrets of murder and vengeance? What if the only person who truly appreciated her genius was an enemy prisoner whom she has vowed to kill? What if after their victory, the Greeks start to turn on each other? What if, eventually, Gorgo has to choose between the security of Sparta and safety of her son? And what if the only one who could find a way out is the same prisoner who had once fought ag…

Anyone? by Angela Scott

I finished this book in about three hours...
I also tweeted her to see if there would be a sequel...which I want really bad...

"The end of the world? That’s the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters and deep philosophical exercises in school. No need to sweat it. So when sixteen-year-old Tess’s doomsday-dad builds a bomb shelter in their suburban backyard, everyone thinks he’s gone crazy….
…Until fire rains down from the sky, sinking whole cities into colossal craters and setting much of the world ablaze.
Tess’s dad gives her a few short minutes to gather her emergency bag and her freaked-out kitten, then leads her outside and into the underground shelter. Terrified, the last thing she expects is for him to leave her there all alone, but he has no choice—he must find her missing brother. Before leaving, he makes Tess promise to keep the hatch door shut, not to open it for anyone but him, and to stay put until he returns.
But he forgot to tell her one thing: What is she supposed …

Time for Books 2015 Review Team!

So I am joining a review team started by the lovely, Jo Michaels. It is basically a team of book bloggers who will read and review books up to a certain amount and then link each review to another site. She is then putting the reviews into her magazine on Flipboard. This starts January 2015 to the end of December 2015. You can sign up at any time and you can determine how many books you want to read and review. That is called your commitment level, which are listed below. Mine is HUNGRY! Also I will leave the links to the signup page and to a page with more information.

Commitment Levels:
SNACKER~ 1-10 books
RUMBLING~ 11-20 books
HUNGRY~ 21-40 books
STARVING~41-60 books
INSATIABLE~ 60 or more books

More info:
Signup Page:

Let me know in the comments if anyone joins and what commitment level you choose! We can chat! Or we can ch…

Rightful Owner by Hemmie Martin

"When a murder occurs in an exclusive swinger’s club, DI Wednesday and DS Lennox find themselves immersed in a murky world of sex and secrets. It doesn’t take long for the members to turn on one another, and for their clandestine affairs to come crashing into their everyday lives. As Wednesday experiences the pressures of work and caring for her mother’s mental illness, and Lennox’s ex-wife has him worrying about the sustainability of his role as a father, their case brings about questions of personal freedom and they begin to wonder if we are all, in fact, owned in one way or another."
***Second in a series, but is not about the same case***
Rightful Owner by Hemmie Martin is the first of the many books I will hopefully be reviewing for Rightful Owner was good and I gave it a 4/5 stars. While it took a few chapters to have me riveted, it later kept me on the…

UPDATE! AuthorAmp Reviewer/Blogger!

Hey guys, girls, and everyone in between!
I have joined this cool website that I will be reviewing books for. Authoramp is "[a] book marketing and PR agency. [That] are experienced book marketing professionals who have been working with authors and publishers for years. Authoramp specializes in helping authors and publishers cost-effectively enhance their online presence and increase exposure for their books via a mixture of digital PR, email marketing, blogger outreach and social media." This month I will be reading and reviewing two books.

The first is Rightful Owner by Hemmie Martin 

"When a murder occurs in an exclusive swinger’s club, DI Wednesday and DS Lennox find themselves immersed in a murky world of sex and secrets. It doesn’t take long for the members to turn on one another, and for their clandestine affairs to come crashing into their everyday lives. As Wednesday experiences the pressures of work and caring for her mother’s mental illness, and Lennox’s ex-wife…

Demon Blood: Enlightenment by Tim Meyer

"A lonely drifter, following the gruesome murder of his wife and unborn child, struggles to find his purpose in a world filled with evil, as he searches for the entity that led his life astray. A low-budget horror producer—and recent widow—has traveled across the states to find the man she believes to know the truth about her husband’s mysterious suicide. Two brothers are left homeless when demonic spirits ransack their quiet country home, setting it ablaze, violently killing their parents, and forcing them into an enduring pursuit toward the truth. A mother’s world is shattered when she realizes her daughter’s soul has been taken hostage by one of Hell’s most dangerous villains. Ultimately, their separate paths interconnect, and it’s up to them to stop a darkness that threatens us all…"

I hear people say that books are no longer original, but Demon Blood is anything but original! I …

November TBR!

Since October is over, there needs to be a November TBR! First I will be finishing the two books I did not finish in October; Stardust by Neil Gaiman and Demon Blood: Enlightenment by Tim Meyer

Like some booktubers, I have a TBR jar. A TBR jar if you don't know, is a jar or container with slips of paper that have the names of books you have not read yet, but do own. So at the beginning of each month I pull one or two book slips out and try to read the books marked.

The TBR jar pick of November is Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy. This is the book which the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove was based off of. I got this book after watching the first season on Netflix. I want to read the book before I watch the second season.  

"The body of a young girl is found mangled and murdered in the woods of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, in the shadow of the abandoned Godfrey Steel mill. A manhunt ensues—though the authorities aren't sure if it’s a man they should be looking for. 

October Wrap Up!

Sadly, my favorite month has ended, which means a reading wrap up for October.

The first book I read in October was Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause for a read along with Holly Monroe from HollyHeartagram and several others.

"Vivian Gandillon relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the young wolves are on her tail. But Vivian still grieves for her dead father; her pack remains leaderless and in disarray, and she feels lost in the suburbs of Maryland. She longs for a normal life. But what is normal for a werewolf?

Then Vivian falls in love with a human, a meat-boy. Aiden is kind and gentle, a welcome relief from the squabbling pack. He’s fascinated by magic, and Vivian longs to reveal herself to him. Surely he would understand her and delight in the wonder of her dual nature, not fear her as an ordinary human would.

Vivian’s divided loyalties are strained further when a bru…

Reading Cram Wrap Up Challenge!!

"Oct 31 Wrap Up challenge with Costume challenge (optional)  Do a readathon wrap up on your blog, YouTube, whatever of what you read!  and also post a pic or dress up in your Halloween costume! That part is optional, only if you want to! Hosted by DANASQUARE"

So I did not read as much as I wanted to. But I did read a little. I started off reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman on page 156 on the 24th and read a total of 58 pages. Then I could not read because I was working on school work and college applications. Then on Thursday, the 29th, I decided to read something scary, so I put down Stardust for the time being and started Demon Blood: Enlightenment by Tim Meyer. I read a total of 41 pages then I had to work. But on Halloween, I read up to page 210. In total I read 268 pages for the Reading Cram Read-A-Thon. I still had a fabulous time and I hope there is a Reading Cram 3.0 soon! Lastly, I hope everyone who participated had fun and read awesome books!

-UnderYourGrace aka …