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Demon's Blood by Shari Sakurai

Demon's Blood by Shari Sakuria
Average Rating: 4.11/5 Stars

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Pages: 308
IBSN: 978099282424

*I received a copy of Demon's Blood in exchange for an honest review*

Demon's blood is about two vampires after they flee Tokyo because of a house fire caused by vampire hunters. It's the story of how they try to make a new life for themselves in England. The two vampires are Kokawa Taku and his lover, Thane. Months later, Thane is still having nightmares of the fire that almost took their undead lives. Thane later becomes careless, which leads to the discovery of one of his victims. His lover, Taku, on the other hand tries to deal with the aftermath, but Thane disapproves of his methods. Also while this is going on, Taku tries to hide what really happened to them three months ago...

Lately, all the vampire books I read are about fluffy or sexy vampires that are angst-ridden or trying to make a romantic relationship work with someone of a different species. Or they sometimes sparkle and nom on animals.

Demon's Blood totally takes you on a different kind of adventure that I am all for and I appreciate. Sakuria gives you a darker and less romanticized version of vampires, which I really loved. She also sticks to a more classic version of vampires, but with her own twists. I also really liked and enjoyed her vampire lore that she incorporated into her story. I feel that it was well thought out and developed. Sakuria is definitely good at her culture building. This makes her novel unique to me. Also the romance was there, but it didn't overwhelm the story, which was nice. The romance also had problems. Meaning they had similar problems to a real life couple, even if it's just down to a basic concepts like trust or unapproved actions. Also they weren't an insta-love couple, which was refreshing.  Another thing about Demon's Blood that makes it unique (well to me), is the incorporation of Japanese culture. This leads to my next point. Sakuria's characters are on point. They are nicely developed and you can differentiate between the multiple characters, which can be hard to do if they all have similar personalities. Her characters however do not, which is really good specifically since the point of view changes from character to character. Lastly, her plot came full circle in the end, which is a really good quality to have in a book's plot. The only real problem was that there was a few grammar mistakes, but you could easily over look them, and is was slow in some places. Although, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely read the sequel. I need to know what happens next because that cliffhanger! In conclusion, Sakuria wrote a really good debut novel and she has a raw talent for writing. I personally think she will only get better and I look forward to watching her writing prosper.

Thanks for reading!
     -Ashley <3
P.s. Yes, I changed my format again... lol :P

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