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Einstein's Beach House by Jacob M Appel


"A couple adopts a depressed hedgehog; a stranger shows up, claiming to be the father of a girl's imaginary friend; a woman kidnaps her ex-husband's turtle; a family is evicted from their home, but was it ever really theirs? Heartbreaking and hilarious, the eight stories of Einstein's Beach House examine how we deceive ourselves and others, all to arrive at something far more real." 
Average Rating: 4.36 Stars
My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars, Goodreads= 4/5
Pages:  179

**I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review**

As soon as I read the description of book, I knew it would be quirky and very entertaining. I was right. I gave this a four point five stars out of five stars because there were two stories I was not a huge fan of, which were Strings and Limerence. I feel like those two were not as good as the others, but were still likeable. On the other hand, I absolutely adored Hue and Cry, La Tristesse Des Herissons, and Einstein's Beach House.  I adore his writing style and how well his writing flows. I also feel that his characters were well developed in the short amount words Appel used. Also I love how he can cram a lot of detail into these short stories with out it being unbearable. 

I totally recommend you pick this book up! Einstein's Beach House was quirky, entertaining, funny and in some cases heartbreaking, which is a wonderful combination in my opinion. Also I found this to be a quick read as it is under two hundred pages and I read it in one sitting. I feel this would be a good book to read during read-a-thons as it would provide you with fun short stories to read when you are trying to get through that 500 or higher page book that is very intense and you need a break with something funny or quirky with a dash of heartbreak.

Plus the cover is gorgeous! ;P

I'll leave the links to buy the book, to the author's Goodreads page, and to the novel's Goodreads page below!
    -Ashley 3

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