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Demon Blood: Enlightenment by Tim Meyer

Demon Blood: Enlightenment
"A lonely drifter, following the gruesome murder of his wife and unborn child, struggles to find his purpose in a world filled with evil, as he searches for the entity that led his life astray. A low-budget horror producer—and recent widow—has traveled across the states to find the man she believes to know the truth about her husband’s mysterious suicide. Two brothers are left homeless when demonic spirits ransack their quiet country home, setting it ablaze, violently killing their parents, and forcing them into an enduring pursuit toward the truth. A mother’s world is shattered when she realizes her daughter’s soul has been taken hostage by one of Hell’s most dangerous villains. Ultimately, their separate paths interconnect, and it’s up to them to stop a darkness that threatens us all…"

I hear people say that books are no longer original, but Demon Blood is anything but original! I first heard of Tim Meyer through a YouTube video by MonsterMen13. Then I looked him up on my kindle app and stumbled onto Demon Blood: Enlightenment. I was intrigued. So I bought it and started reading it for the Reading Cram 2.0 Read-a-Thon. Definitely a good book to read on Halloween. 4/5 stars!

I have never read a book like this. It was filled with gore, demons, and people fighting for their lives. Also I liked how Tim Meyer was not against swearing in his book, but it was not overdone.  The swearing even made some things funnier in my opinion. I liked Meyer’s writing style and his character development was on point. His style of writing makes it feel as if your there and it makes his story very easy to envision as you read.

Then how he developed his characters was wonderful. I felt like I personally knew them and that they did not fall flat like in some books I have read. This book follows several characters going through terrible things that brings them together in the end to fight evil. Some of the characters are Adam, Owen, Danny, Amelia and Andrea. Each character has their own story, which is told wonderfully. Most importantly their points of view did not sound the same like in Allegiant by Veronica Roth. 

One thing that was a con about the book is that it goes back and forth in time. This happened to be the reason I did not give it 5/5 stars as it confused me at times, but I still thought the book was great. An I would recommend it, especially for Halloween or the fall season.

So go check it out!! :D
     --UnderYourGrace aka Ashley

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